Operation and Maintenance

( Continuous Maintenance Cycle Improvement )

The 25-year O&M Agreement for the 2 x 700MW JEV Power Plant was entered between the Owner, Jimah Energy Ventures Sdn Bhd and JOM-JT JV. The O&M Agreement is on a Lump-sum basis where JOM-JT JV provides guarantee on plant performance backed with Liquidated Damages

The O&M Operator is required to conform with the requirements of the Power Purchase Agreement and the Malaysian Grid Code in the supply of electricity to the Electricity Grid and the requirements of the Coal Supply and Transportation Agreement for the management of coal supply.

We also provide services in structuring an operations and maintenance set-up, securing O&M contracts, operating the power plant and plant performance optimization. We utilizes a prudent and professional management methodologies for the management of the O&M of the Plant. The methodologies that shall be established and applied during the operations and maintenance period are:

  • Engineering Risk Assessment
  • Plant Asset Management System
  • Reliable Centered Maintenance
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Combustion Technical Analysis
  • Coal Technology
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System