Our Company

JimahEnergy Ventures Sdn Bhd ("JEV") is the special purpose company formed to develop, own and operate the Project. JEV is a private limited company incorporated in Malaysia on 2nd October 2003.

Jimahis gearing towards contributing the Nation by its active participation in the power sector to cater for the increase in demand for electricity in the nearby future. JEV, as one of the leading private energy companies in Malaysia, has set up a new Independent Power Producer (IPP) at Mukim Jimah, district of Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus.

JEV enter into an operations & maintenance (“O&M”) contract with a local O&M entity, a joint venture between JimahO&M Sdn Bhd and JimahTeknik Sdn Bhd (the “Operator”).

JimahO&M (JOM) is a highly experienced personnel in development, construction and commissioning activities as well as the operation and maintenance of power plants.

The Project consists of the construction and commissioning of two coal-fired generating units with net capacity of 700 MW each, based on proven sub-critical technology. The Project includes ancillary infrastructure such as a coal handling system, coal yard, ash pond and dedicated coal jetty.

To connect the power plant to the National Grid, the Project includes the construction of an approximately 93.7-kilometre transmission line from the Interconnection Facilities at the power plant to the Lenggeng substation to the Olak Lempit substation (the "TWA Works"). Works related to the Lenggeng and Olak Lempit substations have been carried out by Tenaga Nasional Berhad ("TNB"). Both the transmission lines are transferred to TNB upon completion.

Jimah's Vision:

Jimah's Mission:

  1. Performance Excellence
  2. Learning Organisation
  3. Continuous Improvement