Environmental Responsibility

Environmental protection are guiding principles of our company and integral parts of our business processes. JEV Power Plant has its Detailed Environmental Impact Assesment approved by Department of Environement (“DOE”) 31st January 2005.

The approval comes with 74 approval conditions which Jimah Power Plant must abbide to. The Approval Conditions stated that the emission limit for Jimah Power Plant Stack to be not more than the following:

SOx = 0.5 mg/Nm3
NOx = 0.5 mg/Nm3
Total Suspended Solid = 0.05 mg/Nm3
CO = 0.5 mg/Nm3

The Approval Conditions also commits JEV Power Plant to carry a environmental monitoring programme through the Environmental Management Plan. The Environmetal Management Plan, draws the guideline for monthly, quarterly, biannually or annual environmental monitoring which includes: emissions; noise; and water condition around the locallity of the plant. JEV Power Plant submitted monthly reports to the DOE for reviews.

JEV Power Plant operations also follows closely to the limits set by the Environmental Management Plan and its Approval Conditions. Breach to its limits will force and automatic shutdown to the plant’s operations. This would ensure that the emissions of the power plant shall not exceed the limits set by DOE.